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The Pauly’s Guitar Journal website is home to my classical and fingerstyle guitar arrangements. I arrange Public Domain classical repertoire, Contemporary Praise, Worship Songs, Traditional Hymns, and Original Compositions. The primary goal of this site is to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It does this through writing, playing, and encouraging music that honors Him. Hence, the site has many references to the Bible and the Gospel. With this in mind, please read the Good News.

Why arrange hymns and worship songs on the guitar?

If you enjoy my work or have benefited from it. Please consider supporting the site with a donation via Paypal. Buying sheet music or a practice resource in Pauly’s Guitar Journal Shop helps out also. If not, you can still enjoy the free arrangements on this site. Also, click here to read my testimony.

The video below: “A Classical Guitar Journey” is a short documentary of how I arrived at playing the classical guitar.