Classical Guitar Lessons

Go from complete beginner to composer with personalized, one-to-one classical guitar lessons. When you learn to play classical guitar you will learn: how to read music, practice techniques, classical guitar techniques, sight-reading, music theory and analysis, and the tools to arrange and compose.

Classical guitar lessons are given via Skype or Zoom. The first lesson is free to new students. Get a free lesson for referring new students.

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classical guitar lessons

What You Need

A Classical Guitar

A good classical guitar is essential for learning. Here are some brands that I’ve come across that are well-made entry-level guitars.

Yamaha C40 2, a budget friendly guitar.
Yamaha C40ii

Yamaha C40ii
Basic budget-friendly guitar
Around $169 U.S.

Cordoba C3M

Cordoba C3M
A nice beginner guitar
Around $200 U.S.

Cordoba C5
Cordoba C5

Cordoba C5
Even nicer guitar.
Around $300 U.S.

Lesson Signup

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How familiar are you with the guitar?


“Paul is an exceptional guitarist, author, teacher, and educator. Paul displays a thoroughness in all of his work that is rare amongst musicians, as shown in his playing, compositions, arrangements, web design, videography, and publications. This quality makes Paul a naturally gifted teacher, who won’t let any stone go unturned for his students. Paul can offer a student so much more than your average guitar teacher, as he has developed many aspects of technique and musicianship. With Paul, you not only learn how to improve your technical abilities but also how to understand music, compose, arrange, and more. In addition, Paul’s unwavering commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and to music makes him a person of integrity, reliability, and dedication. I have no doubt that if you study guitar with Paul, your musical life will flourish in many areas, bringing great joy and fulfillment to your guitar playing.”

Dr. Daniel Nistico
Creative Classical Guitarist

“Classical guitar lessons with Paul makes a student like me very appreciative and thankful. He does not rush you when you have a lesson with him and throughout the lesson, he gives you encouragement on how you are improving. Paul always reminds me that to get to the mountaintop, we must get through the molehills. I am thankful for his flexibility but also his accountability as I learn.”

Gabriela Moscoso

“Paul has instructed me since February of 2023. As an intermediate player coming back to the instrument after some years away, Paul charted a course to take me to the next level. He reviewed the basics, addressed music theory, and provided helpful tips during each lesson. More than anything, Paul renewed my love for the guitar by creating a vision of what was possible with the instrument. Each lesson builds on the last, and with much practice or little each week, Paul patiently builds my skills. He has the added value of being a composer and arranger of guitar music, so he can view potential pieces from end-to-end, and make helpful observations. If you are considering picking up the classical guitar or are coming back to the guitar, Paul can and will help you succeed. And his instructing manner is always charitable, yet challenging. I truly appreciate his contributions to my success. Could not be doing it without him.”

Todd Guthrie

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