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Thoughts on Composing for Guitar

If you are familiar with a lot of repertoire, you will have a treasure trove of starting material. Learning to analyze a piece of music is a great introduction.  This is one way you could be a way to start a new piece for the guitar. In this way, you have a map already laid out of where you are going, which chord you are going to use, and when and how you will modulate. By starting with an established piece even the form is given to you.

Guitar and sheet music

The Classical Guitar: A History

In this article we explore the history of the classical guitar, tracing its origins back to ancient plucked stringed instruments and its development into its modern form. We also look at how the guitar has changed, including the size, string configuration, and playing techniques. Notable figures in the history of the classical guitar, such as Gaspar Sanz, Francisco Tarrega, and Andres Segovia, are also discussed.

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