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Try These Tips To Complete Projects

Have you ever felt like completing projects is your nemesis? I don’t know how many projects I have lying around the house.

10 Exciting Projects

Those ideas that you come up with are all the rage at the moment, but after you work on them for a bit, they get pushed to the side to make way for the next 10 exciting projects. Ever feel like that? I do. So, here are some thoughts on completing those wonderful pesky projects.

coffee and book on table

Get Projects Organized

The best thing you can do, if you haven’t done it, is to get your projects in order. I like to write my projects down on a sheet of a notepad. I tend to revise this every couple of days depending on the amount of progress that has been made. I like to list them in chronological order (i.e. in the order that the idea or project was thought up). Then of course list them in order of priority over that. This means that some of the more urgent projects will be moved to the front. At the time of this writing, I have:

  1. An arrangement for Jesus, Your Mercy by Jordan Kauflin.
  2. Need to learn an arrangement for As the Deer by Martin J. Nystrom for our trio.
  3. Need to learn an arrangement for To God be the Glory by Fanny Crosby and a tune by William Howard Doane for a piano and guitar duet
  4. Two orchestra pieces to finish, presently named by the date they were started only
  5. Two EP’s to record (you see what has gotten put on the back burner), and I’m working on my first full album also.

Just a word of warning: this list can get very, very long. 

Stick to One Project at a Time

Yeah, I realize that’s easier said than done. However, limiting yourself to one (or even two projects) tends to get those projects crossed off the list because you know that there are lots more projects to do. If you get stuck on a project, then by all means, lay it to the side and let it marinate. If at all possible, stick to the one project until it’s done.

Take Notes

As creative people, we are going to come up with more ideas than we can ever handle. Come up with a system of taking notes, jotting down ideas, to visit them at a later date. I usually use my phone’s voice recorder to hum an idea and to record something I’ve improvised on the guitar. Then go back to your idea pool from time to time and see what, if anything, you’d like to work on.

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