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Hymn book with flipping pages

Hymn Project History

For many years now I’ve wanted to arrange good solid Biblical hymns for the classical and fingerstyle guitar. In December 2018, this project was started. In addition to arranging, I was learning about copyrights. And I did not want to steal other people’s work (Leviticus 19:11), so it was taken down again. The project was restarted in June 2021. Below you will find hymns arrangements for contemporary and traditional hymns. Due to copyrights, some of these are for purchase (it was the only legal way around the copyright and I’ve tried to keep the prices reasonable).

Each piece is set in standard notation and standard notation. Also, there are some arrangements for the 8-string classical guitar with Brahms tuning (i.e. with a high A string). But most are for the 6-string classical (or steel string) guitar.

A Hymn Collection for Guitar

The Hymn Project is a collection of hymns arranged for the classical and fingerstyle guitar. Most are free to download. Some are paid.

Hymn book with flipping pages

Hymn Usage

These can be played in your church, as a special or offertory hymn, or for home groups. You can make a video or recording of the ones marked Public Domain (so we don’t infringe on copyright). If you do make a video or recording, please let me know. Enjoy…

Hymn book with flipping pages

Modern Hymns and Worship Songs

Unfortunately, most modern hymns and worship songs are under copyright. Since we don't want to infringe on legally held copyrights, we can't give them away. However, Sheet Music Direct and Sheet Music Plus have taken care of the copyrights for us. You can preview and download these hymns and songs from their site.

Mordern Arrangements

Above All

(Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc)

6-String, Standard Tuning | Standard Notation Only

PurchaseSheet Music Direct | Sheet Music Plus

He Will Hold Me Fast (When I Fear My Faith Will Fail) – Currently being arranged

(Ada Habershon, Matt Merker)

6-String, Standard Tuning | Standard Notation Only

Purchase: Sheet Music Direct