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Sounds Like Rain EP Album Cover

Listen to the new EP!

A classical crossover EP that includes five original tracks:
Two solo guitar tracks
Three tracks with strings and other instruments
Inspired by Scripture.

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Latest Blog Posts

  • The Changing of the Strings

    The Changing of the Strings

    The classical guitar is one of the most mellow and beautiful instruments in the world. Yes, that is a biased opinion. Starting from the wood used to the shape of the nails and the strings, it is a rich musical instrument. Let us look at a little history of the guitar strings and how they are tied to the instrument.

  • The Classical Guitar: A History

    The Classical Guitar: A History

    In this article we explore the history of the classical guitar, tracing its origins back to ancient plucked stringed instruments and its development into its modern form. We also look at how the guitar has changed, including the size, string configuration, and playing techniques. Notable figures in the history of the classical guitar, such as Gaspar Sanz, Francisco Tarrega, and Andres Segovia, are also discussed.

  • Thoughts On Releasing Your First EP

    Thoughts On Releasing Your First EP

    I finally did it. After 12 years, I finally got my act together. I released some of the original music that has been collecting dust in the corner of the closet. Yep, it took 12 years to release 12 minutes of music presented in 5 songs. Why did it take that long? Let me share with you a few thoughts.

Praise Him with tambourine and dancing; Praise Him with stringed instruments and pipe.”

Psalm 150:4 LSB
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“The aim and final reason of all music should be none else but the glory of God.”

Johann Sebastian Bach